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Nelsons makes own  mix on site with fresh milk and cream
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History of Nelson's

Nelsons Dutch Farms Ice Cream made in Royersford PA

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Nelson's Ice Cream is the closest ice cream manufacturer to the great city of Philadelphia, PA. While there are other ice cream companies associated with the city of Philadelphia, there are no other companies that still make their own ice cream from scratch on-site. Nelson's Ice Cream is the only manufacturer in the region that still makes its own mix from fresh milk and cream right in our own factory. We know, once you try our ice cream, you'll be back for more! Don't take our word for it... click here to read some of our satisfied customer's feedback.


David Nelson




Nelson's Ice Cream, Inc.

651 Walnut Street

Royersford, PA 19468

(610) 948-3000


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